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Do re mi music and movement classes for children from babies to 8 years and beyond are run by qualified and experienced teachers throughout Australia and overseas. Our music classes for children are dynamic, fun and exciting, including dance, movement, singing and playing instruments.

Do re mi children's music classes offer enjoyable, educational music classes for children, including babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, aged 3 months to 8 years and beyond, and has classes available throughout Brisbane and regional Queensland, Sydney and Regional New South Wales as well as new classes starting in other states and international locations.

Do re mi classes are run by highly qualified, trained teachers who use their extensive knowledge of child development and music education to design programs specific to the needs of the children in each music class. The do re mi music for children classes develop physical, emotional, social and musical skills in a fun environment full of singing, moving, dancing and playing percussion instruments.

The fun and stimulation of participating in do re mi music classes for children will not only support children's learning in general, it will also develop children's creativity and imagination and foster an appreciation and love of music to last a lifetime.

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The Kodály concept is an approach to teaching music that has been gaining momentum in Australia for nearly 40 years. It can be readily adapted to the training of all age groups - from infant to adult and in a variety of contexts (classroom, studio and ensemble).