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Do re mi sits within a larger international context. The International Kodály Society (IKS) was founded in 1975 in Hungary www.iks.hu and immediately had a special link with Australia with Dr Deanna Hoermann was the first President of IKS. This organization is active in 34 countries and has affiliated National organizations in 16 countries which include Australia.

The Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia (KMEIA) www.kodaly.org.au is a peak teacher-training body working with teachers in Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Choral and Studio Instrumental teaching. The enthusiastic group of self-employed Kodály-trained teachers belong to do-re-mi.

The do re mi model is unique to Australia. The popularity of any program depends on the quality of training and passionate dedication of those involved. In the 1980’s the music lessons were called ‘Music for Children’ classes.

The foundations of the internationally recognized Kodaly (pronounced Ko-die) philosophy, the system of music education practiced in Hungary, are laid in the formative years of early childhood. Zoltan Kodaly (1882-1967), a Hungarian composer, music researcher and educator, and teachers who use Kodaly’s approach to music education, believe that true music literacy (the ability to read, write and think music) is something that every child can acquire and enjoy provided that the curriculum is child-centered and developmental. Singing is acknowledged as the foundation of all music education, the voice being the most accessible and inexpensive of all instruments.

Children’s songs and games are seen to be an integral part of music education. Games are used at all levels to enhance learning and enjoyment – from simple children’s games to others which develop and test much more advanced music concepts. Rhythm skills are developed through movement and time names; pitch skills are developed through solfa and hand-signs.

Aural development rapidly occurs during the early years from conception to approximately age six. It is difficult to reproduce sound which have not been head or reinforced accurately, therefore children learn to hear ‘in tune’ before singing in tune. Children reproduce what they hear, both good and bad. Therefore it is important that only music of the highest quality is used in lessons and at home. Children learn to sing in the same way they learn to speak – through repetition, good role modeling and enjoyment.

Various music researchers have found that the musical intellect of an adult is largely developed during the first five years of life. In fact, the pivotal time in the growth of a human’s learning ability (the growth of neural fibres in the brain that carry thought) is between the first and second year of life. These neurological connections build pathways in the brain and prepare the child for future learning. do-re-mi classes provide a myriad of wonderful musical experiences using voice, puppets, percussion instruments and books so that babies and young children are absorbing and experiencing the following elements:-

  • Pitch – high/low; ascending/descending; same
  • Dynamics – soft/loud
  • Speed – fast/slow
  • Beat – on child’s body
  • Rhythm patterns on child’s body
  • Gross motor movement
  • Chanting
  • Listening
  • Text substitution
  • Sequencing
  • Memory
  • Creating
  • Taking turns
  • Sharing
  • In-tune singing – imitation/listening
  • Concentration
  • Dramatic play
  • Self-confidence

Infants who are exposed to music with assisted movement will remember and later demonstrate their learning when they reach the age of independent movement and speech. Toddlers who are struggling with single syllable words will often sing complete phrases and those learning to walk spontaneously begin to dance. Our aim is to immerse children in a musical world of discovery, while parents are taught how to enrich their child’s musical journey. It is our hope that family bonds are strengthened and an authentic love of music is nurtured and shared. Welcome to the magical world of do-re-mi music education – let’s start at the very beginning…!

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The Kodály concept is an approach to teaching music that has been gaining momentum in Australia for nearly 40 years. It can be readily adapted to the training of all age groups - from infant to adult and in a variety of contexts (classroom, studio and ensemble).