• To continue to develop a love for good quality music and an enjoyment in participating in musical activities.
  • To enable children to perform the beat accurately in known songs and rhymes.
  • To introduce the term “rhythmic pattern”, and distinguish between beat and rhythm (the pattern of the words in the song).
  • To refine the children’s listening skills to distinguish between high and low sounds from an octave to a minor 3rd.
  • To refine the musical concepts of soft/loud (dynamics), fast/slow(tempo), high/low (pitch).
  • To develop two-part work – using singing and percussion instruments, beat, rhythm and ostinati (a repeated rhythmic or melodic pattern).
  • To extend the child’s experience of improvisation and musical creativity through dramatic games, role-play and question and answer songs.
  • To extend memory, concentration and inner hearing skills through singing, movement and dance.
  • To teach the first elements of reading and writing music using beat and rhythm cards.