Become a Teacher

The Australian Kodaly Award in Preschool Music Education can be achieved by completing two summer schools. This award is for teachers wishing to tutor 0-5 years - level 1 and 2 of the teacher training programme combined, require:

- 30 hours Musicianship
- 50 hours Methodology
- 10 hours Materials
- 10 hours Practicum
- 20 hours Choral Experience

The Australian Kodaly Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education can be achieved by completing (level 3) at a third summer school. Level 3 in Early Childhood is equivalent to Level 1 in the Primary Teaching programme. This certificate is for those wishing to teach 0-8 years which extends the above study to include children 5-6yrs and 6-7yrs. This would necessitate an additional:

- 15 hours Musicianship
- 15 hours Methodology
- 10 hours Conducting
- 5 hours Materials
- 5 hours Practicum
- 10 hours Choral Experience

The successful completion of Level 1 allows a teacher to apply for provisional do-re-mi registration with the condition that Level 2 will also be completed. For details on how to complete the course please contact your state co-ordinator.

You can download the application form here.